An investigation by Animal EqualityWerde Mitglied

Here are the images that best represent the ten month Animal Equality investigation at Schwaben Park. The images reveal a snapshot of the misery experienced by the incarcerated animals. As you can see, the chimpanzees show signs of captivity-related stress. Their physical and psychological impairment is likely to be a direct consequence of the environment they are forced to live in.

Their daily lives are characterised by apathy and monotony. Further, they are forced to perform for the entertainment of visitors in circus-style shows. They are taught human behaviours and presented to the public as clowns.

The images highlight the misery of Schwaben Park’s incarcerated animals. The primary reason for this incarceration is the entertainment of visitors. These animals have no control over their environment, no choice where to live, or who to live with. They have no freedom.

We oppose the infliction of such a miserable existence on animals. Get active now if you want to support us and our future investigations!

Animal Equality