An investigation by Animal EqualityWerde Mitglied
Sign the petition Petition to: Dr. Cornelie Jäger, Animal Welfare Representative for the German state of Baden- Wurttemberg.
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Animal Equality reveals the reality of the confinement and suffering of chimpanzees at Schwaben Park, Germany. Over ten months, investigators carried out detailed research and observations to document the humiliating circus shows at the park, the monotony of the animals’ daily lives, the cruel separation of chimpanzee infants from their mothers to be trained, and sick and mentally impaired animals.
Help spread the word about the suffering of animals at Schwaben Park. Be their voice.
If you care about animals do not go to the zoo. Educate your children and friends true respect for animals.
The animals need you, and so do we! Join the campaign, participate in and support our work to defend animals.
Animal Equality